Best Hoover BH50030 Cordless Hand Vacuum Review

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I am really impressed with Hoover's new cordless Linx handheld vacuum. We have 3 dogs in our home: 2 chocolate labs and one yellow lab. The yellow lab sheds three times as much fur as the two chocolates combined. You cannot sit down on our sofas without getting fur all over you. And while we have a great upright vacuum, it is huge and not good for when you want just a quick pick up. I've been looking for a cordless handheld for a while. I almost caved in to getting a Dyson, and I am so glad I held out!

* 18 volt Lithium-ion battery that doesn't fade (runs at full power until dead). My Black & Decker chain saw, drill and edger all use 18 volt batteries to power them. This little vacuum has some serious power!
* Most vacuums have handheld brush attachments that are powered only by the suction of the vacuum. This bad boy is actually motorized and is great at picking up fur!
* The Hoover Platinum Collection Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum also comes with a limited six year warranty on the vacuum, limited two year warranty on the battery and charger.
* I have to disagree with the other reviewer who did not like having to take battery out to charge it in the charging stand. I for one love this! It is so much nicer to have a small charging stand that the battery slides into that can takes up such little space. If it used a stand that the whole vac plugs into, it would have to stay out always. Now, it gets put up and on the battery stays out (and is next to my B&D charging stations).
* Emptying this vacuum is simple and clean. Some bag less vacuums aren't designed intelligently and end up making a huge mess when you try to empty their canisters. The Hoover cordless was definitely well thought out!

The price is still a bit high, but this is definitely a better value than the Dyson handhelds. I do own a few handhelds that are not cordless, and this cordless blows them away!

Would I recommend this handheld cordless vacuum? Definitely!

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